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Building the future of St. Luke


Blessed with a growing community and a large number of children, in 2016 St. Luke began a 5 year Building Campaign to meet these needs and to provide an even greater Orthodox witness to the community around us.

We are pleased to announce that thanks be to God, we have had a major break-thru in that program. We now have a design and firm bid on a beautiful stand-alone church for a total cost of $1,750,000 dollars. This is $750,000 less than previous designs and, with your continued help, brings the project within the realm of near-term doability.

A rendering of the proposed church is given below:

This will meet both our major goals:

  • A more traditional looking Orthodox Church, that will provide increased worship space and be a visible witness to all who pass by;
  • And much needed church school space for our large number of children

And because it is a stand-alone church, and not an expansion of our current facility, it will allow all our normal activities to continue without interruption.

By the end of 2020, we will have about $1,100,000 in our building fund. That will mean a mortgage of up to $650,000 which we believe is ‘doable’ but will take a stretch on our part.

So can you help us to this wonderful goal by continuing your donations or by starting to donate? With your help and God’s we can take this next step in the life of St. Luke Orthodox Church.

To send Donation by check, mail to:

St. Luke Orthodox Church
P.O. Box 1015
McLean, VA 22101

To make Donation online: Donate

For more information, contact Father John Vitko (, 925-667-6451).


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